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"Our model of legal support makes us stand out from the rest - we care about our clients’ situations and will help them as much as we can, through our free or affordable services."
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"One of the greatest challenges to accessing specialist legal advice is that people don’t always recognise that their problem has a legal resolution. Providing people with specialist legal advice quickly so that we can support them to resolve their problem remains a priority for us."

Case Study

Immigration - Brexit

Immigration - Brexit

Mrs P came to the Law Centre following the EU referendum full concerned about what Brexit would mean for her family...

Mrs P came to the Law Centre following the EU referendum full of uncertainty about the future and what Brexit would mean for her and her family. Having resided for nearly two decades in the UK, studying and working, Mrs P had not thought it necessary to obtain Permanent Residency. 

We assisted Mrs P on a fee paying basis to submit a comprehensive EEA application for Permanent Residency which was approved within 3 months. As we argued for the date of acquisition of Permanent Residency to be backdated significantly Mrs P was able to proceed directly to apply for British Citizenship. This was also successful and now Mrs P is a dual national and no longer in fear of what will happen in the future.

Mrs P was attracted to our service due to our not for profit ethos and the knowledge that our paid for services will generate funds to support clients who are unable to pay. So much so that she has pledged to fundraise for us herself!

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