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About Us
"Our model of legal support makes us stand out from the rest - we care about our clients’ situations and will help them as much as we can, through our free or affordable services."
Our Services
"One of the greatest challenges to accessing specialist legal advice is that people don’t always recognise that their problem has a legal resolution. Providing people with specialist legal advice quickly so that we can support them to resolve their problem remains a priority for us."

About Us

The North East Law Centre is an independent charity established in 1978, providing both free and affordable legal advice to people across the North East. We fight for justice on behalf of those who need it, without prejudice.

What do we do?

As a completely independent organisation, our only priority is our clients and providing the services they need to overcome the often complex situations they find themselves in.  

The North East Law Centre is different from other law organisations because we provide legal representation and individual casework aimed at the early and timely resolution of problems which may otherwise escalate to more resource intensive parts of the justice system.  

We offer help and advice to our clients in a variety of different areas including family law, welfare benefits, immigration, employment law, criminal law and education. These services are targeted towards those within the community who have the greatest need and who may not be able to access legal services without us. 

This may include:

  • BAME communities (black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)
  • people with disabilities
  • unemployed and low paid people
  • women and children

How are we funded?

Our free legal services are for those who are not eligible for Legal Aid and can’t afford any form of paid for legal services. This is made possible through funding grants from charitable trusts, foundations, local authorities and strategic partners.  

Through our private immigration service we are also able to provide help to those who require legal support for immigration matters, but who do not qualify for our free services and cannot afford to pay a private law firm to represent them. Via this service, we are able to offer paid-for services at a cost-effective rate. 


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